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Welcome To Shree Brass Industries

Every great journey starts with a single step. This is quite appropriate in emerging of SHREE BRASS way back in the year 1992 as a very small production unit with commitment and dedication to cater to all varied consumers of the market of the day. We emerged into a fine premiere production industry in this small span of time producing Split Bolts, Brass Split Bolt Connectors, Line Tap, and Conduit Fittings, as well as our other brass components along with our main product brass, split bolts. Endless patronage of the valued customers like you, all is the inspiration of perfection in designing and manufacturing of the products to meet all your needs.


We are connected with smart manufacturing machines that optimize the productivity, efficiency and output by lowering the machine downtime.

On Time Delivery

We understand the importance of time so that we deliver products as early as possible consisits with quality. Our foremost priority is customer satisfaction.

Customer Focused

We realize that quality is the cornerstone of excellent customer experience and to manufacture products as per need of valued customer

Brass Products Standard

We are specializes in manfuacturing of brass products which meets quality standards.

Quality Policy

The highest quality in everything we do. That quality is evident in each of our products, supported by knowledgeable customer service.

Customer's Satisfaction Is Our Reality

The Goal as a Company is to have Customer Service that is not just the best but Legendary

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