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Shree Brass Industries has maintained quality standards with sustained implementation of quality parameters by conforming to the latest, approved industry specifications. Shree  Brass Industries’s products are made to standard specifications and also precision-crafted to exact customer requirements. To this end, we maintain a sustained and routine inspection and testing regimen that goes a long way towards building products integrity and client trust.

We are committed to manufacture and supply consistently defect-free components to the customer, enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements at competitive prices.

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We have a unique inspection facility to achieve products with zero defects and rejection.

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Each and every instrument and gauges are periodically calibrated, to ensure the integrity of measurement preventive.

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The final testing stage covers visual inspection, dimensional inspection and packaging requirements to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Quality Equipments

  • Vision Measuring System with Touch Probe
  • Digital High Guage
  • Roughness Tester - SJ410
  • No. of Thread Ring Guages
  • No. of Thread Plug Guages
  • No. of Pin Guages for tight tolerance
  • Digital Micrometer
  • Digital Vernier Caliper